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Brindle Consulting is a firm located in Itasca, IL that specializes in sales and consulting. We opened our doors in 2015 with the thought that with the right opportunity and coaching anything is possible. Brindle was formed by a group of zealous self-starters who have grown through obstacles and uncertain times due to the relentlessness of our team and loyalty from our incredible client partnerships. With diverse backgrounds from hospitality management and public speaking to economics, construction development sales, and sports coaching, our team is virtually equipped for all things that may come our way.  We believe that anything can be accomplished with patience and tenacity through all obstacles; there is always a solution to the problem and sometimes more than one.

Stay Connected with Socials!

Be a living expression of your values.

Wear them, speak them, and make decisions aligned with them.



It’s imperative to us that our legacy is multidimensional and provides opportunity for generations.


We don’t dwell on what can go wrong, we put an emphasis on what can go right.

We don’t dwell on what can go wrong, we put an emphasis on what can go right.

Servant Leadership

Leadership is a responsibility, and a license to do more not less.  It’s a priority of ours to keep a strong line of communication with all team members.


Doing the right things may take you a little longer than cutting corners, but choosing to do the right thing at all times is what makes you stand out from others.


It’s easy to do something once or twice, it’s the passion to excel that separates ordinary from extraordinary.



Learn willingly, excel graciously. The time you put into investing in yourself now will be the foundation of future success.

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