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  • What is the company doing to ensure the safety of its employees working for Brindle Consulting?
    The safety and well-being of our team and clients have always been a top priority of ours, but as we navigate through integrating ourselves into the new normal we will follow strict CDC guidelines. We are conducting daily temperature checks, practicing social distancing within our office, wearing masks, and sanitizing our office multiple times throughout the day. As well as providing individual “kits” of masks, sanitizer, etc to ensure everyone’s safety during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Why meet with clients in person?
    We believe that talking with clients in person is the best approach for long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. By meeting in person we are able to work through issues that can't be taken care of over the phone or online. You cannot replace a smile behind a mask with an email, we represent our client in real life interactions to form and establish long-term customer retention instead of immediate transactions.
  • What can Brindle Consulting offer potential candidates?
    All team members at Brindle have the opportunity to learn effective business management practices from day one. We make it a priority to include hands-on training in sales, marketing, financial planning, public speaking and leadership development. We pride ourselves on 100% growth from within our company.
  • How is the company equipped to handle additional economic ramifications from the COVID-19 pandemic?
    The return that we bring to our clients has increased the value they place on our partnership. In turn, allowing us to return to a “new normal” of work sooner than others. We feel certain that with our focus on growth we’ll be able to match the demand for their expansion to new markets as the need arises. One distinctive advantage of our company is the relationships we have with customers and clients is the impact we can have on our community as a whole.
  • Why work at Brindle Consulting?
    We like to work with people who have a great attitude and are up for new experiences. We are not your typical corporate America consulting firm where growth and promotion are dependent on age, experience, or having the same last name as the company owners. Your opportunity is contingent on how you invest in yourself and your time.

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