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Brindle consulting 

About Us



Our role is to connect companies with their target consumer base. We believe in providing the highest quality customer experience with the utmost professionalism for our clients. Our main focuses include acquiring new customers, cultivating client and customer relationships, expanding niche market share, and professional development of our employees. Our team is comprised of hard-working, ambitious individuals who want to help find the best solution for small businesses. We know the tremendous risks and challenges business owners face each day, and it is our goal to support their vision and bottom line. 



Brindle Consulting is steadfast in providing the highest level of professional results through integrity and a commitment to problem-solving. We utilize a personalized approach to connect our clients with their target consumer base. Our decisive sales campaign is present anywhere in the country. Thus allowing us to achieve our client's objectives at various intensities and with a finer return on investment rate than other firms. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt as clients, customers, and markets need change so do we to stay a step above the rest. Pivoting has become a specialty of ours as we have continued to problem-solve together through the COVID-19 pandemic. As the third-party labor industry continues to expand swiftly, we continue to outperform our competitors and consequently increase our merit for clients and customers. 


Customer Acquisition

We are known for developing relationships with medium and smaller-sized business owners in Wisconsin, on behalf of our client through a personalized approach. Our ability to adapt and innovate makes us second to none in retaining customers as you grow and evolve.  

Cultivating Client & Customer Relationships

We focus on a face to face approach with customers.  This allows us to initiate and develop the ever-elusive personal relationship that businesses try so hard to maintain.  Our team provides the best in customer acquisition and retention for our clients resulting in a long-lasting beneficial relationship. 



We are devoted to providing the highest level of professional results through honesty, integrity, and community. The ability to achieve expansion goals of our clients is a main priority for us. Our ability to develop and secure relationships has allowed us to be in high demand to expand in multi-facets of the midwest.

Employee Development 

Why work and wait towards someone else’s goal and future when you can advance towards your own? We prefer to invest in those who invest in themselves, we are one of those rare companies that only promote from within. We want to equip our team members with an arsenal of business experience and real-world exposure at their own pace.

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